How much do Audio Chipsets matter in mobos?

I'm in the market for a 1366 set mobo and was wondering if there's any difference at all in the audio chipsets included on them, or between any mobo I suppose. Also, audio cards are mostly wastes of money if I'm not a music producer right? I enjoy being able to hear spies footsteps behind me in tf2 afterall.
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  1. well only if ur the eally discerning listener can you tell the difference in sound quality, for me, i can hear the difference between a 128kb/s mp3 and a 192kb/s mp3, also 192-320, but earlier in my life, couldnt tell the diff atall,

    i can plainly notice the diff between my moms realtech ALC662 and my ALC889, but the average user wil never be able to tell, so if ur an average user you dont need to worry, audio is audio, and you will hear evrything through your 5.1 setup when you are playing fear at 1 in the morning in your dark room :( !!
  2. unless you are an audiophile, then you shouldn't really worry about the audio chipsets in your mobo (just make sure they work)
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