EVGA 275 GTX help?

I built a gaming pc about 7 months ago with the following specs/pieces.

intel core i7 2.66 (OC to 3.2ghz)
ASUS P6T Motherboard
Antec 1000w psu

It has done well as far as performance in games like fallout 3, MW2 and even WoW, but occasionally problem will occur where generally after startup, my screen will freak out in a manner i really can only describe as it "Checkering", where the whole screen looks like a checker board constantly changing colors. Occasionally it will go black and recover fine and I wont have another problem with it, with the computer saying it has recovered from a kernel driver error. However, as of late it does not do that, instead freezing or giving me the blue screen and restarting. This problem usually occurs after bootup or at times when I try to run a graphics intensive program, such as Modern Warfare 2, not even allowing me to see the menu. This lead me to believe it is a GPU error and so I was wondering what steps I should take to get help with this problem.
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  1. You need to remove the drivers. Use driver-sweeper and make sure you delete EVERYTHING related to Nvidia and PhsyX. Then reinstall the latest driver from Nvidia's website. A kernel driver error happens when you have leftover old driver files conflicting with the newer drivers. If this does not fix the issue then it is most likely a faulty card. Hope this helps....
  2. Ran driversweeper and downloaded the latest nvidia drivers. No problems running Modern Warfare 2. Thanks for the help!
  3. Glad it worked out for you =)
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