I need help to choose a motherboard

Which motherboard is better

- I read that thre is a high pitch noise coming from this board. Is it really that bad?

- If I want to use full power of usb3 then the pci-e slot is down to 8x

I really don't plan to SLI but the option to SLI is good if I do decide to do it. I might just hold off on usb3 altogether and wait when the tech gets better, and I can save on boards that don't have usb3. Are there other board that you recommend? Under $200 would be great.

If it helps I plan to get the i7 870 and I have the gtx 460 1gb.
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  1. I would buy the E-PRO since the Giggy has limitations when you add two gpu's.
    I hear what your saying about usb3 and sata3 and yes you can get great 1st gen boards cheap now.
    ASUS P7P55D Deluxe
  2. both are good boards, but i like the asus one better. it has both sli and crossfire support as well as usb 3.0
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