Ram overheating and motherboard issue.

I just bought 2 new sticks of 2GB RAM (2x2GB, Kingston DDR2). They installed nicely and everything booted properly. After a few minutes of using the computer, I began to get BSOD's. I couldnt last more than 10 minutes without a BSOD and restarting. So I spent 2 days troubleshooting. First I ran mem test on both RAM sticks, they were both fine. Then I formated HD and re-installed W7 and updated all my drivers. I still was getting BSODs. Finally I figured out the problem, my ram was overheating! It was getting so hot I could barely touch it. I figured I would go into my bois and check the voltage settings, maybe I needed to turn it down. BUT, I have no voltage/OC settings in my bios because I am using an Acer OEM computer. I dont know what to do. I have looked for bios updates/flashes but have not found anything. Do I need to buy a new motherboard? Is their software for changing RAM voltage? If I need a new motherboard, do you have any cheap recommendations for a replacement?

Motherboard: ACER EG31M -- AMI R01-A3 BIOS
PC: Acer Aspire M5630

Any suggestions would be helpful,
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  1. I don't think that is an option, the ram gets way to hot for any fan to make a difference.
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