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Hi all,

I'm outputting low benchmark numbers for my Corsair GT3 and Corsair Force 3 (both SATA3).

Force 3

GT 3

These are supposedly supposed to perform at 550/515mbs r/w but obviously they are not even close.

I have these connected to the only two available SATA3 ports on my MOOBO which is controlled by a Marvel SE9128. My motherboard is an MSI X58-GD45. I've also enabled AHCI mode for everything in my BIOS, including in my system registry. Firmware is up to date and at the latest (1.3.3).

How can I increase the performance for these drives to what they are specified for?
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  1. Your biggest problem is the marvell controller and its limitations, sometimes performing worse than the SATA II onboard.
  2. So, basically I'm screwed unless I swap the mobo?
  3. If you are having lag issues you can try something like this http://www.overclock.net/t/1009247/marvell-controller-9128-myths
  4. No lag issues as described in that thread. I did however switch it over to my SATA2 ports under the Intel controller and the numbers are more or less the same.
  5. Yep that looks to be typical with the marvell controller.
  6. When you switched it to the Intel Sata II ports, did you also installo the latest Intel drive which performs beter than the default msahci. Intel driver is iaSTor and should be 10.5 or later (i think they are up to 10.8).

    In adition to being on the marvel controller, I believe that is the OLDer controller which compounds the issue.

    Added when switching from the marvel controller to the intel Sata II (you probaly did but would be remise if I didn't mention) you shoud do a secure erease and that means you have to do a fresh install. Note also if you run back to back benchmarks performance will suffer untill trim & CG have time to recover the drive.
  7. I did a secure erase (with Parted Magic) on the drive and it's now in the Intel Sata II. Fresh install not necessary as I only switched over my new SSD to the Sata II, the primary SSD is still on the Sata III (Marvell) port.
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