Prime95 fatal error... is that bad?

CPU is at stock settings.
SpeedStep is disabled, kept switching from stock frequency (2.66GHz) to 1.2Ghz near the end of the test. Went back to stock after test was stopped.
I'm using the stock cooler with stock paste.
I have a front 120mm fan drawing air in, back 120mm and a side 80mm blowing air out.
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  1. Check your heatsink is fitted properly, and that you have a proper ammount of thermal paste applied.
  2. The thermal paste was pre-applied on the fan.
  3. certainly looks like a faulty CPU. is it new? i'd RMA it if possible.
  4. Only a couple of months old.
  5. User error, you dont have speedstep disabled fully, theres more then one setting that will throttle.
  6. But isn't SpeedStep meant to throttle when the processor is inactive? Not when it's being used 100%?
  7. No, the problem is the CPU temp. The CPU at stock with stock fan should NEVER hit 76C on a Core. Re apply thermal paste and re-seat the cooler. The CPU speed dropped because your temps were increasing.
  8. "Intel Heatsinks have thermal material on them from the factory, if you need additional Thermal Interface Material (TIM) and you have a boxed processor that is still within the warranty period of three years, contact Intel customer support for TIM."

    Should I do this?
    Or should I buy some?
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