Over heated CPU!


I have a Acer ASPIRE 5530G laptop, and I recently (started about 3-4 weeks ago) had some heating problems with it!

I replaced Vista with WIN7 this xmas, so I don't think that can be the problem.

heres what happens!: My computer gets hot (not smoking or anything), and turns off without any warning at all! I have to wait a couple of minutes before it can start again fully, (if i try before, it just turns off again after a few seconds)

I have tried: Vacumcleaning it (while turned off, of course), putting things under it to raise it over the table, to give to heated air some "air" :p . Also about 10 minutes ago, I tried to not plug in my powercord and it doesn't seem to have any problems with heat ATM. ofc this isn't a permanent resoulution! :)

So, please help me!

I'm sorry for both my english, and for if I posted this at the wrong place.. I think it has something to do with my CPU so I hope its the right place.

I havn't been running any programs to test my temperature but I'm sure that, that is the problem.

- Nikolaj, Denmark.
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  1. well as far as i can tell the problem is its not cooling the bios has a built in safty so when it reaches a temp it shuts down mine is at 70c im not shure what ur would be but the best thing i would say to do is call acer or exchange it for a new one and see if the problem percists
  2. Hmm, okay! I just downloaded SpeedFan and it says that the temp is 87C..

    Also, Wouldn't it be a problem that I installed another OS?
  3. Don't use a vacuum cleaner. You could zap the thing. Not to mention damaging the fans due to spinning them without the motor being the force. Not too serious in my experience but worth noting. Also, off is never good enough for working on it. The battery and AC must be removed.

    At first I was thinking overheating CPU. Just in case it still is, please google and download a program called HWmonitor and run it with your computer on and note the "core" temperatures, especially close to the time where it shuts off. Do this when on battery and when on AC.

    My thoughts are that most laptops have power saving features. Your CPU is overheating and shutting down when on AC. But on the battery, the processor will only run at full capacity if you do something intensive.

    Also to note, I have a tx2500 HP laptop. It has a QL-60 processor, similar to your QL-62. It runs hot but not too hot.

    My thoughts are: I am assuming that is about 2 years old since you didn't tell us. I'm also going to suggest that perhaps the environment has been dusty or the computer design lets in and lets too much dust clog up. So overheating of the CPU caused by dust insulating the heatsink is a possibility. If you are so inclined, disassemble the computer and clean with compressed air. If not, take it to someone who can or a computer repair shop.

    -Test the temperatures with HWmonitor as I described and post the results.
    -Let us know how old it is and the environment
    -Also, does the power supply heat up excessively (the "brick" that connects the AC to your laptop)?
    -Are you still under warranty?

    If I think of anything else, I'll try and post it.

    Edit: read above posts.

    So is this 87C when on idle (ie you are not doing anything)? If so, That's your problem right there.
    And no, I can't see new software being a problem. This is definitely a hardware issue. The hardware should be able to handle any CPU load that software will throw at it.
  4. no i dont think so its more like the heatsinc fan is not properly pluged in or something around that or alot of dust built up in the heatsinc so if u know how to take it apart and get a can of compressed air withch typicly costs around 10 to 15 dollars and blow out the whole computer and if the temps are still to high i would sigest a new heatsinc
  5. Hmm, ok :) I'll try to run the program..

    I just downloaded SpeedFan before I saw your post tho.. I was on 90C core temperature just before, not doing anything at all (exept for internet browsning with 4 windows, and one of them was youtube music, but it really shouldn't be a problem, aight?

    The computer is just about 11-12 months old.

    I'm not in very dusty enviroments at all.

    About the computer design, the fan is just under F1,F2 and F3 .. in the upper left corner.

    Hope you can use this info for further assistance! thanks.

    So, I'll post the temperature if/when it happens again.(happens about 10 times a day so tomorrow I think)
  6. I have 5535 that is about three years old and i use it intensively for school. Just within the last 2 months it has been getting hot and it seems attached to the "program not responding" issue that freezes word and mozilla.

    I just got online to ask the same "what is the issue? " question also.

    I have disassembled my laptop and it is surprisingly immaculate inside! NO dust anywhere--I expected to find near shorting with dust buildup on the pc boards ...but nothing.

    It has a conduit type processor cooler that goes to the very back of the computer for the fan to blow over. it is about six inches long and is hot for the entire length of the pipe. Does anyone know if this is gas filled?????(if gas leaked out cooling would diminish) or solid conductive metal???? Seeing that it is hot for the full length I believe that it is doing its job and trying to cool the cpu, and also that the heat conducting joint between the cpu and this pipe is in good shape. If the joint were bad, we would have a hot cpu and cool pipe running over top of it.

    It is sounding like a cpu issue. I will try to see if there is a difference between performance and balanced power options in the heat.
  7. Hello, while I did not check the temperature with that app, I can no longer cook my fingers over the fan outlet or toast my legs with my laptop!

    Just switching over to "balanced" power mode caused the whole thing to cool off immediately. The fan even slowed after cooling the cpu (multispeed fan).

    I do not have any news on program performance with the balanced mode and cooler cpu yet but i expect it to improve.

    good luck with yours and let us know how it goes
  8. Allright i have the same 5530G from Acer and it's hot like hell. Right now i'm surfing with Opera with a couple of tabs open and nothing running in the b/g and the cpu temp is around 65 C... when i get it on a full load it gets well over 75.
    I don't know what to do with it, i dissasembled it completely and there was no dust on the sink or anywhere on the cooling system.
    I also have on my desk an older Aspire 5520 with a similar cpu (athlonx2@1,9ghz) and the idle temp. on it doesn't go beyond 50 degrees Celsius (currently cca 45). What could be the cause of the 20 degrees temperature difference, they are basically the same laptops, 5530g being an updated version of the latter... Any suggestions? Would changing the thermal paste help?
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