Blackmagic Intensity Pro static/noise issue need major help, PLEASE!

Hi guys, I have an ongoing problem with the blackmagic intensity pro I'm trying to use to capture/stream video game content, that I haven't been able to solve. I am getting various levels of static/noise bars floating across the direct capture screen that I can't get rid of and it even transfers over to the image being outputted through hdmi to a tv/monitor. It ranges from very extreme case almost filling the screen, to very faint fuzzy looking (but still noticeable in motion in darker picture for sure) depending on how and where I have things plugged in. Thought I might try to pick the brains of the people here at Tom's to see if there might be any more insight I can draw from.., I have a thread at this location:

Please if you will take a moment to look at this thread I would be grateful. Its filled with the pool of information I've collected so far through my trials and errors...I've tried to keep all the information as convenient to read as possible. To prevent this thread from getting confusing, please take a look at it.

Someone suggested a grounding problem, i went and lifted the ground from my PS3 and still had no change in the amount of interference in the picture. After seeing a change from having my monitors plugged in vs not, I'm feeling like there's some sort of interference going around the area of my PC case (PSU? Motherboard? Case shielding sucks?) that I can't seem to pin point. But I really don't know...some sort of power issue or interference is going on and I can't figure out what. Any help is appreciated.

Here are the images I've snapped for quicker reference:
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  1. I can only see the weird thing on the second picture...
    Did u try moved your monitor on another places?
    How about the card's temps?
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