What is better for side panel: (1) 200 mm fan or (2) 140 mm fans?

I have the Coolermaster HAF XM case.

Top: (2) 200 mm fans - exhaust
Front: (1) 200 mm fan - intake
Back: (1) 140 mm fan - exhaust

CPU heatsink: CM Hyper 212 EVO (2) 120 mm fans - push/pull
HDD Cage: (1) 120 mm fan - pushing air toward the GPU

and lastly...

Side: (1) 200 mm fan -or- (2) 140 mm fan

I'm looking to use the side fans as an intake to direct air toward my graphics card. Which is a better solution, given my configuration?
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  1. Which ever has the best cfm rating.
    I believe the 200 is 110 Cubic feet per minute .
    Since you did not state which 140s we can only guess.
  2. what GPU do you have (more specifically what cooler on the gpu?)
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