5870 overclock issue.

So I recently built my new gaming rig, and everything runs great. But I am having a few stability issues when overclocking my 5870 from 850/1200 to 900/1300.. sometimes when im gaming i get verticle lines of all dif colors, sometimes they are grey vert lines, sometimes they are blue or red or orange, sometimes my game comes back on and it wont happen again, other times it will happen like 3-4 times, then stay that way till i force a restart, i thought it might be heat, but my card runs at around 45C under full load which is quite cool compared to my friend's 53C. could this be a voltage problem or something? also, another strange issue is my second monitor that i use for extra desk space when im not gaming will flicker constantly.. which is a known issue with 5870's BUT it only does that to me when it is overclocked to 900/1300, the instant i switch back to the standard 850/1200 it stops and works perfectly.

now i havent been overclocking it because really, that slight overclock hardly does anything anyway and i'd rather not ruin the card over it, im just curious as to why its doing that. maybe ATI just needs to release new drivers? mine are up to date as of now.

my system:

EVGA E758 A1 mobo
XFX 5870
Intel I7 920 @ 3.2ghz
OCZ 6gb tri channel 1600mhz ram
EDIT: my PSU is a corsair 850TX

also--i did change my CPU overclock back down to the standard 2.66, and up to 2.8,3.0 and 3.2 again, it didnt change anything, so that doesnt appear to be the problem. and nothing in my system is overheating at all.
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  1. You have to bump the Voltage using MSI afterburner. With 1.26V you may even hit 1Ghz. The flickering is a known bug when OC, it should be fixed with a driver update.
  2. was this bug ever fixed? bios update or driver?
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