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I recently purchased a Dell 2709w HD monitor. I assumed that I would have an awesome picture right out of the box. WRONG. I mean it's okay, but not what I was expecting. I'm NOT a gammer. I'm a programmer, so I'm not into frame rates, but I DO want the best image I can get. I have a 2 year old nVidia 512MB card. It's connected to my Dell moniitor with using the DVI connector. We have a low end Mac at the office. That thing just blows my display away. That's what I was hoping for. Is my video card the problem?
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  1. I'm not clear about your problem, what happened?
    what do u meant by "i do want the best image i can get"??
  2. It's just rather grainy. I get quite a bit of "tiling" (I think that's what it's called) with video. Some weird things seem to happen with the border around windows when I minimize/maximize/move them. The iMac at work looks every bit as good as a nice crt. I guess that's what I'm looking for. I hate grainy images. They seem to give me a headache.

  3. Is the resolution set to 1920 x 1200?
  4. It is.

    My display adapter is an nvidia GeForce 8600 GT. System is Intel E6750 2.66 64-bit with 6GB RAM.
  5. A 8600Gt will run that display perfectly fine.

    Is the card newly installed? maybe update the drivers? Do you have a spare DVI cable to try? That seems odd. 1920 x1200 on a large display will have larger pixels, so the edges may seem a little jagged, but that's about it. Very strange. Which DVI port is it plugged in, I believe on the Port 1 has HDCP support. Either way you could try the other port.
  6. Hmm, interesting. I did not realize that there was any difference between the two DVI out ports. I have one plugged into the Dell 2709, and one plugged into a 21" CRT. The 21" CRT sure is a cleaner image. I guess I failed to mention that. I have a dual monitor setup.

    I'll see if there are any new drivers available.

  7. NO i did not mean on the video card, I meant on the monitor itself. The 2709w has 2 DVI inputs I believe.
  8. Oh, gotcha. I'll research that a bit. I bought it from Dell's "Outlet" site, and it came with no docs. So DVI is just as capable as HDMI as far as video then?
  9. HDMI is just the DVI signal with audio as well. That's why there are DVI to HDMI cables with no electronic required, just the pin arrangement.
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