Can my Vostro 200 handle a Radeon HD 5770?

I'm thinking of buying a Radeon HD 5770 but I'm worried my Dell Vostro 200 won't be able to handle it. Comments?
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  1. Well assuming you dont have the slim version of the dell vostro a 5770 will fit however, your psu appears to only be 300w.
    look under "tech specs" then scroll to the bottom of the page.

    The 5770 says it needs 450w so youd need to upgrade your psu it seems.
  2. ^+1
    if u only has 300W then it would be better to upgrade with higher power and higher quality... :)
    U don't want to frying everything on your case because u lack of power.
  3. +1 to power supply+ graphic card.

    However, what are your other system specs? Vostro is the business line, so they often come with multimedia/gaming weaknesses --such as not enough ram.
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