Help Please(NEW MOBO)!

Im new at building comp so idk anything(im so stupid). Anyway so everything was completed this morning. When i turn my comp on it worked but there's nothing on the monitor not sure whats the problem. So i took the battery out(tried to reset but it didnt work). I waited an hour, then when i plugged it the comp won't turn on! SO i think the psu was the problem( Psu: PoWork 600watts)

So i took the psu and tried it on diff comp and it doesn't work so i assume that was the problem
Now i took the old's comp psu(about 200-250watts) and i tried it on my comp and it didn't work but it worked on diff comp T_T!!

so i waited like 30mins. I took the 600watts psu and tried it again. The comp booted up for 1 sec and turn off.

NOT SURE WHATS The problem.

PSU: Powork 600watts
CPU:Intel pentium e2220
graphics:4850 ati
HDD: not sure but i have about 350gb of memory

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  1. any1 pls?
  2. GPU: 9400gt/5450....
    and 2gb of ram
  3. I say your PSU is DOA, as it won't work in your other PC. Your other PC's PSU doesn't really have the power for your new PC, which is most likely why it won't boot. I recommend replacing with a better brand like, Corsair, Antec, SeaSonic...

    Also, review this thread to rule out a build or other issue...
  4. Yeah thats what i think
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