External hard drive must reformat to view

I rescently broke my seagate external hardrive case so i removed the hardrive from the case and bought a new external hardrive case for it after much frustration i cant seem to figure out why it wont let me open the disk on my computer all it says is "G:\ is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect" then it gives me the option to format my drive I have files on this drive that cant be replaced and was wondering on a way around this, thanks,

also i dont know if it makes a difference but the first one was a usb plug and play and the new case i bought is a desktop on that u need to plug in.

thanks again
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  1. I think I told you about this once...

    Pull it from the enclosure and slave it to the system directly.

    Load it up...

    IF the system cannot see it properly... get something like GetBackData for NTFS... It is what I sue for most data recovery.
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