SSD's and Raid.

Im not sure if i cant find it since im rather new on the forums here. But here is my question.

I want to get an 120GB SSD for my OP and some of my most used programs. from what i can tell intel has added trim support to raid,
but only raid 0. so is it possible for me to set up an ssd by itself in one raid 0 and have to 1TB drives in another raid 0? back ups not an issue cause i have an external 2tb but is this possible and have both raid 0's show up and get the trim for the SSD and (forgot if it worked in raid 0 or not) but defrag for the hardrives?

Thanks for any help,
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  1. You cant have a raid with a single HDD you need 2 lol
    And if your planning to raid the SSD With the sata/ide dont, it probably wont work but if it did your performance would die :P
  2. You need 2, 4 or 6 disks for RAID 0.
  3. Sorry didn't notice my miss type i have 2 HDD's for RAID 0 but if my bios is set to RAID 0 then i cant use my SSD at all? Is there a way to have it set to raid, and not have my SSD in a raid and still use trim?
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