HTPC case needed for to Zotac GF9300 mini-ITX-Wifi motherboard

Which HTPC case is very much suitable for Zotac GF9300 mini-ITX-Wifi GE9300 motherboard with Intel CPU Q8200
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  1. We'll need more information. What are you looking for in a case? What is your budget? What else needs to fit in this case?
  2. Apart from the above, I would like to fix one multi card reader, one slim sata hdd, one slim sata optical drive, 2x2gB memory sticks, pinnacle USB TV tuner, front and rear fans, 2 pci slots(for video and sound), one pcie slot(for graphics card if needed). The case should be of alluminium material, should be very silent, cool, black and should be of 12"x10"x4". Budget is 9k in INR.
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    The Zotac GF9300 mini-ITX board only had one PCI Express x16 slot. If you want to have all those expansion cards you're going to need a different motherboard.

    Do you mean the Zotac GF9300 micro-ATX motherboard?
  4. No. It is Zotac GF9300 mini-ITX-Wifi only. Alternatively I invite forum members for a suitable in every aspect i.e. technically and physically (Alluminium metal) and good looking so that it can be kept in our living room.
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  6. Thanks Dougie Fresh. I am sorry I don't know much about hardware side. However, I would be glad if I am suggested a good desktop(horizontal) case with suitable PSU and other items. Regarding my budget, I can spend beween $150-$200 for case.
    PSU should able to meet future required ments for the devices to add, if any to this moherboard.
  7. I am still confused by the original post. You say you want 2 PCI slots, and a PCIe slot. That's a micro-ATX configuration, not a mini-ITX configuration. Notice the Zotac board you want has just 1 expansion slot. However, it does have integrated video and sound so you would not need a video or sound card.

    The only case I can find that comes close to your specs, not including the expansion cards, is this one:

    It takes a slim ODD, slim HDD and has an optional card reader module that plugs into the front. It seems to meet your size criteria. The only thing is finding out if it will fit your motherboard. That you'll need to get in touch with Chenbro about or maybe find the information on their website.

    I don't know if a tuner card will fit into this case.

    If you want to go with something more cube-like that will fit more there are more options such as:

    and if you want something really fancy:

    again, no idea if any of these cases will fit a tuner card.
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