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I'm currently planning to buy an ASrock P55 Extreme4/890FX Deluxe4 mobo for my build. Depending on if I happen to choose Intel i5-760 or AMD 965BE as a processor... Right now I'm planning to get the i5 for its' nice gaming performance per euro value... ;)

But, to the main topic. I have no experience on Asrock mobo's, and I wonder if you guys could help me. I have read very contradictory reviews from Newegg, so I don't know if I can consider that as reliable source...

Is the Asrock worth the money? For under 150 euros, those mobos provide surely a lot of expandability, but is it stable or reliable? I know that OC opportunities aren't astonishing but rather decent.

I'm planning to SLI/CF my graphics later on, so I need the extra PCIe slot there.
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  1. Asrock is ASUS' low end brand. Kinda like Lexus and Toyota.
    I would just avoid any potential headaches and go with an ASUS or Gigabyte board.
  2. I have two different machines both using Asrock boards and I find them to be very stable well made boards. They will overclock but usually not by that much, typically about 5-10%. Bearing mind they are made by a sub division of Asus you can't go far wrong really. Hope this helps
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