Best internal hard disk for inspiron 1545 laptop?

what hard disk is better for inspiron 1545 laptop (for replacement)? It is a 2.5" internel model, though I am not sure about this.
samaung/fujitsu/hitachi or anything else?
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  1. if it is SATA, I think it is, think about an SSD. The down side is less space, so get a good external and dump to it regularly, or get a Synology NAS and back up to it automatically whenever you are "Home"
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.
    Yes it is SATA drive.

    If SSD, what company is better? (I heard some issues with SSDs)
    and if normal drive (I might not be able to afford SSD), then what company is better? (My one is Samsung 2 yr old and already have bad sectors)
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