4GB of ram or 8GB

Hello, out there need help please
1 x OCZ PC2-6400 Reaper HPC Edition 4Gob (2x2048) 4-4-4 would my PC performance improve if i add another set of these Ram making a total of 8GB.x Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R V2.0 Quad Core () =
1 x Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz 4x2Mb
VISTA 64 BIT ...G0/SLACR () =
1 x OCZ PC2-6400 Reaper HPC Edition 4Gb (2x2048) 4-4-4 () = $
1 x Sam sung HD321KJ 320Gb 16Mb SATA II () =
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  1. All right, let me see if I understand this...

    You currently have 1 x Kit of 2x2GB OCZ Reapers and want to know if you'll see a performance improvement if you add a second kit?

    If that is in fact what you're asking, then I'd have to say based on what you've posted so far (No apps, just Win Vista 64), No you won't see an improvement.

    However, if you're using Windows Vista 64, and multi-tasking (such as music/video editing/recording) you may see a difference.

    If you want to know for sure, please post what you do with your computer.
  2. Great thanks anyway ,just use it for surfing and gaming ,cheers for your help.
  3. Grab an ssd instead ... or a new graphic card. You won't ever need more than 4gb with those little tasks.
  4. 4gb of ram is just fine. Even with a 64 bit OS 8gb of is simply too much right now and will more than likely slow down your system rather than speed it up. I ran into that problem myself with my q6600 and 8gb 7 64bit ran fine and all, but when I pulled out the extra 4gigs, the system became much more reponsive.
  5. Okay cool thanks for your help everyone ,what would be a compatible upgrade of GPU for my MOBO
  6. Oh i forgot to mention the GPU i have now is a HD3870
  7. HD3870 is a good card to have. I myself have a pair of XFX HD4890 in crossfirex mode. I would say either jump on a 4870 or 4890 is you can find them cheap enough(dont know whta your budget is) or wait until the 6 series comes out later this year and pick a high end 5 series card once the prices on those drop. :wahoo:
  8. Thanks heaps guys for your input ,ive decided to go with a 1 gig card and get a cooler to try overclocking .
    Cheers for now Rob.
  9. Hi again guys
    abswindows7 mate what is a ssd im a noob.
    I was having problems with my Rig so i got a new GPX460 1 GB card a HYPER212 COOLER,and a new 500 w PSU i got the Ram replaced ,replaced the Psu that had died .
    Put it all together and hit the on button and all was sweeeeeeeeeeet .as i hadnt even been able to boot up for some time now .It was a great reilef to see my post screen then my icons on my desktop .Problem solved after all that it was a faulty HD3870 card .
  10. Best answer
    I hope you enjoy your gtx 460 ! It's a good card !

    For the ssd, it's the same as an hard drive, except it's memory module instead of rotating disks. It's WAY faster than any hard drive but it's pricy, 60gb for about 150$ ... It's the best upgrade for any computer, everything feels more smooth and no more sluggish...
    It boots windows really fast and close it even faster, I had 2 gb of ram and I bought a new set of ram and windows closed in 3 seconds :)
  11. Oh ok cppl thanks abswindows7 wow sounds like a great investment,i got a Hyper 212 as well and am now running my Q6600 at 3.2 GB cheers for your help .Love the new GTX469 1GB its so quiet it pursssssssss. :bounce:
  12. Told you :P

    Don't forget to choose the best anwser !
  13. Yep you sure did tell me ,were do i put the best answer ,im a bit confused abswindows7
  14. Under my last post there is a link saying Choose as best anwser :)
  15. Mate i can not see a link only a lot of crosses bit confused ,let me know.
  16. Wwhat a tosser i must be really going blind ,sorry mate i see it now lol.
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