2x Xeon E5530@3.8 GHZ + water.


So I have 2x xeons E5530 EVGA SR 2 oc to 3.8 ghz. GTX 680 4gb EVGA Classified- question will this http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx?C=1444&ID=2117

Be able to cool down 2 of those CPUS? They run at 70-80c atm.

Id like to get below 70 or so.

Also will I need to go in to any more bigger systems to coll down all my system? CPU/GPU/Motherboard?

Thanks, bye
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  1. Please read the watercooling sticky...it should help answer most of your questions or give you answers in order to determine the best solution. Once you've read through it a couple times, let us know what your plans are then.
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