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need some help i got the game alpha prime try ed to start it up and my monitor lost signal so i gave up on playing the game, now left 4 dead 2 ran fine so may be the game will messed up, the next day i get up move my mouse so that the monitor comes back on and there's a yellow line right across the monitor so i turned of the monitor and turn it back on and the line is still there so i restart the computer and the line goes away so it dose it again so i used the other dvi port on the video card and it didn't due it any more, well when i was watching an anime ep my monitor lost it signal so i installed new drivers and nothing the same thing, now 2 weeks a go i got an blue screen on my computer saying memory dump also after that i noticed noticed my frames we unstable in left 4 dead 2 some times is would fine and some times is was slow and hard to play, now i also unstable when playing that there was stutter when i was playing a lot which i never had before so is my card dead, it was an evga 9800gt , and a coolmax 500 watt power supply thats about 5 months old with 36amps on the 12v rail, not the best but works, my friend used one to power an 9800gtx + just fine, now for my other question i am really low on money and was think of getting these cards i play at 1280x960 all the time my friend gave me an 7200gs and well thats crap can't even run cs the best i can do is 1024x768 now will any of these cards let me play at 1280x960 :fou:
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  1. If i were you id wait for the new nvidia line up at least to come out it should in theory push prices down a bit on all their lines. as for the cards you shown im not up to date on the ATI market on what they can do but you can look at at what toms says on their Graphics card line up and compare it to the 1 you have,review-31783-8.html . and in that time save up a little more and get 1 you will be happy with hope it helped
  2. Hi,

    A 4670 will perform around 20-30% below the 9800GT you had. The 4650 will perform slower yet. If you want to game dont buy anything with numbers lower than that. Nvidia still doesn't have any really strong cards in this price range.

    I would also recommend that you not buy a low profile card if you dont have a low profile case--they do not have as good of heatsinks+ etc.
  3. my monitor has started doing that yellow line again
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