Intel E7500 frequency problems?

Alright i have a problem with my frequency...I cant explain it but just let me show you a picture maybe you will understand my problem.

(Why is it a NL tiny pic? anway)

The MOBO is a BIOSTAR G41-M7.
The frequency is jumping between 1.8, and 2.94 in cpuz,
I have no idea what is wrong. Bios is set to default settings.
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  1. For Intel chips, when you see the X6 internal multiplier, you know that EIST has kicked in.
  2. The thing is i disable SpeedStep....
  3. Go into the bios set the multiplier to whatever the E7500 max is whether its 9 or 10.5 set it to the max it lets you set it at. Then disable C1E support and EIST (Speed Step) this should force it to stay at its max frequency.

    SpeedStep Is a good thing there is really no reason to disable it it does not affect performance at all.
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