Do we have an Asus rep on Toms?

The 'Talk to us' section of their site is not very Moto-Friendly...
I don't recall seeing one but there may be a Rep on here so I'm shouting up :)
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  1. i haven't seen one yet
  2. Why do you need one?
  3. I have something to discuss with a rep that their site is making a difficult process :P
  4. You mean the 'wait atleast 48Hrs for a response ' or what ever it says?

    Theres these options
  5. Yes, I went through all that before posting this
    I tried option 8, I went through everything like finding out my gfx cards serial number just to send the mail, but I can't send links in that box, tried breaking it up with spaces and everything, no dice,
    So I just wondered if we had a Rep on here, I know a couple of companies do,
    its nothing to worry about, cards are fine, it was more a discussion I wanted with them and to show them my cards.
  6. I don't think theres any reps on Tom's HW or atleast i haven't seen any.

    You can send a tech inquiry and add pics to the tech query (as an attachment).
  7. Could do, I might try that if no response by monday, B.a. shall be yours for that :)
    Thread will be left open until then ofc,
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    Well if your card has a problem then they would most likely tell you to RMA it, if you have warranty on the card still then they do it for free (delivery included).

    And the serial number should be located on the back of the card or on the box somewhere i think.
  9. No, theres no problem with the cards, and I can see the serial sticker of the top card through my window, just a pain reading upside down small writing :P
  10. Not that it will be a good thing if you do get any kind of response from Asus , thier customer service and tech support are not that good and will do anything to try to not have to give you a RMA. I had a MB that needed to go back for a RMA and it was not a pleasent experience , I did end up with a RMA number but by the time I did I had lost patience and went ahead and purchased another board (Gigabyte). I then let the RMA expire and 6 months later decided to just go ahead and RMA it anyway and it was successfull and they sent me a refurbished board which I turned around and sold.
    If your persistant and know your stuff you will be successful in dealing with them.
  11. There was an ASUS rep, can't find him anymore.
  12. i had to ask for rma from asus before and they gave me fast answer on for a rma this was all made by mail
  13. Again, its NOT an RMA I'm after, my cards are fine :)
    It was more of a business proposition I had for them but I've still not had contact, even from an address Jay gave me so I'm calling it a pointless venture,
    thanks for the input though guys
    I've selected Jays answer as it holds relevant info for googlers to use on the Rma process too
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