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I'm curious what you guys think
i'm not new to building pc's but i'm new to i7 920 core and I've heard it runs hot as well as fast. I've never used cpu-z or Real Temp before as I've always run standard AMD stuff before but now I want to monitor temps and overall health since this all cost so darn much.
I'm trying a cpu cooler that is not known to me with a new build. I was wondering if this temp looks good at a fairly light load.

Thermaltake Armor+ (electric cooled)
Gigabyte x58A-UDR-3 Motherboard
Kingston HyperX 1600 (8-8-8-20) memory (6 gigabytes)
Corsair P50 hydro cooler (heard a lot of good things about this)
Wester Digital Caviar 320 gb 8 mb cache
Kingston Hyper X memory cooler system
CoolMax 950 watt modular power supply

Win7 64 bit

Real Temp 3.4 readings
Core i7-920 1619.30mhz 139.94 x 12.0
Load 9.4%
46 39 46 39 = avg temp of 42

when I was running several web browsers with audio streaming and several videos streaming and running Halo I it was sohwing a load of about 16% and cpu was throttling/running between 1600-2660 MHz
58 41 57 41 = avg temp of 49
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  1. Hmm. Idle temps are normal for the H50, as they are higher than air coolers for some reason, but as for the 16% load and getting on average 49 - that seems a bit high. At 20% load, my i7 930 @ 3.65 with C1E is on average 47 degrees Celsius. I have a Megashadow which performs on average the same as an H50, slightly better at times.

    Download Prime 95, and run it for around five minutes and check the temperatures - mine hit 65 max, @3.65GHz. Check your temps. With i7s, they have a max of 100, but really you don't want it to be running over 70C too much. Check your temps, and considering this is at 2.66GHz/stock, they really should be below 60C - mine were at 50C at 2.8GHz stock.

    If you do have any temp problems, check that your H50 is mounted correctly, and thats all I can think of. Others might come up with more.
  2. I'm trying to make sense of my thermal house too. I've got an i7-930 on the same mobo with a noctua air cooler.

    Core temps right now are 31C at idle. At full 100% load using prime95 running for a while, they level out at about ~65-70C max.

    I think mine are a little high and am trying to figure out why. But folks have told me 100C is the limit so I'm not too worried about it.
  3. just to update a couple of weeks after the install of the P-50 cooler I am now running at about 35-38c avg on idle after the computer has been on for 72 hours. I would say the paste has settled and the cooler has been keeping my pc fairly cool during idle.
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