What is the fastest processor i can put in my socket 478b board?

i know what will and wont fit...but i wanna know if the bios will support the prescott 3.0 or 3.4...the board says ibm usa 2001 p4....its from a ibm netvista 6823....its got a 1.8 ghz in it now...
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  1. If it has a 1.8, then you are going to be limited to 400 fsb; the max for that is the 2.2 p4; check starmicro; the 533 and 800 northwood and prescott cpus won't work.
  2. i thought the 1.8 had a 533mhz fsb, but yes,u can go to a max of 2.2, and thats not a notable improvement!
  3. I don't know if your FSB is 400Mhz, but if it is, check out this thread:

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