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Greetings to u all ......i have a PCI graphics card which use nvidia Geforce Fx5500 drivers in windows XP
but when i install windows7 no drivers installs for my card, I have tried same of nvidia drivers but all in
so my question is "is there any nvidia universal drivers of windows7 which can fix me back in the use of my card or any drivers which can fit my card on windos7?
where can i find them?

Wamala josejunior
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  1. Hi there,

    Your card is very old to support Windows 7 OS, due to some core changes in the OS the card is not compatible. So it is not possible to find a Windows 7 driver for GeForce FX 5500. This card can support up to Windows Vista. Try to run it in the compatible mode as the Vista and as administrator.


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