About BenQ T2200HD

I want to ask about this monitor BenQ T2200HD
is it a good monitor
some people told me that it is a good monitor cause it's Full HD
Some Other people told me that it has some defects for example they told me that it's colors are bad i want someone who tryed it to tell me about it
and I'm confused now between this monitor and those other two monitors
PHILIPS 192E1SB/97 with DVI res 1366X768
Samsung 2033SN no DVI res 1600*1200
and all these monitors with aspect ratio 16:9 cause i don't like 16:10
sorry there is limited models here in Egypt

My request is I want to know Disadvantages and advantages of these monitors and which is the suitable one for ATI 5770
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  1. If that Samsung monitor is 1680x1050 (which is 16:10), so that one is out if you're looking for 16:9.

    Also, the Philips one is only 720p (and is technically not 16:9, as that would make it 1280x720 instead of 1366x768).

    Next time you're looking for a review, do a quick Google search. Here's one that was the second link on the search: http://www.technotalks.com/reviews/benq-t2200hd/
  2. but samsung has res 1600X1200 16:9
  3. Uhm. 1600x1200 would be 16:12 (also known as 4:3, which is not widescreen), that monitor is 1600x900. I didn't have much time earlier today to look for you (I only had a couple of minutes free at work).

    Edited for bad math.
  4. If these are your only options, then get the Benq model. The other two are not suitable (but will work) on your 5770 card.
  5. but i saw on samsung package that it is 16:9
    and what about benq is it a good monitor and also the colors?????
  6. Buy the BenQ one it is well suitable for hd 5770's performance.
  7. i want to ask now is the samsung 16:9
  8. wizard_hady said:
    i want to ask now is the samsung 16:9

    Yes. 1600x900 is a 16:9 ratio.

    But, as I say, again, it is NOT full 1080p like the other monitor, which has a resolution of 1920x1080.
  9. why i must buy a monitor 1080p
    is it an important thing
  10. It's higher resolution. More information can fit on the screen at once.
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