Best G.C for 17" and 19" monitors

My friend is gonna buy a new PC and might get 17" or 19" monitor.

So in 17" max resolution will be 1280x1024 and for 19" it will be 1440x900.

So which graphic cards are suitable to play games in max settings. Please tell the cheapest ones, & ones which do not need a good 700W power supply (if possible).

5770 @ 5750 is kinda expensive in India, any low cost graphic cards? Even 4850 is kinda expensive :( ny other choices?
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  1. 5770...
    it all depend on the rest of your friend's system. :)
  2. possible card:

    DX 10/10.1 class:
    GTS 250
    HD 4850

    DX 11 class:
  3. 5750 for $130 is the best you can get and will play almost every game with maximum settings at either of the resolutions

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