Need overclock advice [Core 2 Duo]

CPU: Core 2 Duo e7300

Heatsink: Hyper 212+

Fans: 2 120mm's, 2 80mm's, NB heatsink. (Doesnt include PSU fan, GPU fan, or CPU fan)

Motherboard: 680i A1

Temps: 44c Idle - 75c Prime95

Fsb: 400x10 1600FSB

RAM: Unlinked, 800mhz

Voltages: Everything stock, except CPU voltages = 1.432v

Question: What can I do to lower my temps? 75c seems really hot.
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  1. For one thing the voltage on the cpu is high and that's what's giving you the high temps. The other thing could be the placement of the case fans , do you have a fan in the side panel?
    The thing with doing a stress test like Prime 95 is that the temps that you get from the stress test is the highest that you will get because the stress test is giveing your cpu a 100% load and in everyday use it will be hard to get a 100% load on your cpu. So in everyday use you will not see that temp , you may get somewhat close but you won't get there so you can say that the temp from Prime 95 is the high water mark.
  2. Yea, like inzone said.

    I'm rockin the Duo's close cousin which is the quad and rarely get those temps and I tend to be very rough on the proc because I'm trying to make an excuse to tell my wife so I can upgrade lol
  3. I'm using the Zalman Z11 case. It has 2 80mm exaust fans on each side (Lower front of the case, around the HDD cage), should I switch them to intake?

    My computer will not load windows with a 1.32v Vcore, so its gotta be between 1.32-1.42v.
  4. Yes I would switch them to intake so that fresh air is blowing onto the motherboard.
  5. They are positioned over the HDD tray in the front of the case, should I still switch them to intake?
  6. I am surprised at the fan positioning of that case and I don't see a very good air flow. It's almost like they have got the air flowing backwards from the top and rear towards the front of the case and they don't give you the option of adding a fan to the side panel directly over the MB area. You have said that the two 80mm fans are exaust and there are two 120mm fans , which way are they blowing in or out.
  7. There are two 120mm's in the back and back top, 1 120mm in the front, and 2 80mm's on each side of that 120mm, so I think the 80mm's are robbing intake air from the front 120mm?
  8. Like I said that case has a real odd air flow design and I agree with the two 80mm fans robbing the air flow so change thw two 80's to intake and see if that helps you.
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