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I have two old cases one a full ATX case with 250 watt power supply that was originally in it and powered Motherboard twin DVD drives floppy & twin HD's

The other case is a small flex ATX case that has a small 170 watt PSU again only the HD Floppy & DVD drives along with Motherboard.

I want to replace the motherboard in both cases with a Gigabyte G41-ES2L motherboard and a E5400 itel pocessor.
keeping the original internals would the original PSU's be capable of running OK. (Standard office work)

My question is because the Small flex ATX system seems low powered based on recommendation from these web pages.
Why would just a change of motheboard & processor require so much extra power to require a 350-400 Watt PSU.
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  1. What was the old motherboard and CPU? The power required can vary from 45W to over 160W for just the motherboard & CPU.

    PSU calculator

    Given reasonable aging (25) I calculate you need 140W for just the motherboard and CPU, not including RAM, HDDs, and DVDs and case fans.
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