Nexus Clodius?

So here i am looking for a somewhat cheap quiet case when i stumble upon the nexus clodius

Has anyone bought this case and can tell me of its quality in cooling and noise level? most reivews i have seen online either are obviously sponsored reviews or a rantfest

ps: my possible build is a x4 955 am3 mobo and a 5670 gfx

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  1. its hard for me to take a case seriously that still has mounts for 80mm fans
  2. The interior of the case is a standard run of the mill configuration. The width of the case is insufficient for the tall, 160mm, tower style cpu heatsinks that are popular with gamers.
  3. i am more of a casual gamer (partially due to the fact that im still on a pen4 computer...) so i wont necessarily play games on max settings at the highest resolution (my monitor will be like 1080 at best)

    that said will this case be sufficient in air quality and possibly noise reduction?

  4. HAF922

    Look up that case. Its about the same price as that case and much better.
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    The Haf 922 or this are much better choices.

    The Antec case has 3 x 120mm and a top 140mm fan included in the price. The fans are optional in the case you linked to and since good 120mm fans are $10 to $15 each you are going to spend about the same. The 300 is also nearly silent with the adjustable speed fans on low and still moves a good amount of air.

    Edit: Oops the Nexus case does include 2 x 120mm fans. Not Antec TriCools though ;)
  6. +1 on the HAF922. Or this Rosewill:

    The Rosewill comes quite close to emulating an Antec 900 imo.
  7. from what i have read from other threads like this is that the haf922 is very loud because of the many fans and openings

    i dont need a silent case but i do want a quiet one after a noisy dell experience
  8. HAF922 isn't loud at all. I barely hear it
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