Which prime95 torture test?

i have a core i5 650 @ 3.2GHz OC'd to 3.7

which torture test should i run to check for stability?
i did the blend option (the third one) for 4 hours with no errors but i stopped it to play some bf3

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  1. hellooo?
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    You are probably good to go, but the thing about the blend test is that it doesn't work any particular aspect of the CPU for all that long before it switches to a different type of load.

    If you want to be really, really sure, try a couple hours of each test. One at a time.
  3. yes that sounds like the right thing to be doing, i ran blend test for 18 hours with no errors but had to turn it off to sleep in the same room as the computer so i might just call this one stable
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