Screen blank after updating BIOS

I have recently updated my BIOS and after restarting my computer, my screen is completely blank. Its as if there is no signal going to it.

Gigabyte 945P-S3 Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 Processor
EVGA 9800GT 512 MB ( i had just installed this proir to updating the BIOS and everything was working fine)
3GB Corsair XMS PC 6400 RAM
Bios Version: Award Module Bios v6.00PG

The Gigabyte board has a little program called @bios that lets you update your bios through one of their servers. After downloading the new BIOS version, it had me restart the computer to finish update. The screen then turned off but the computer kept running. I waited about 15 mins but it kept running so i hit the power button to see if it would turn off but it didnt. Then i decided to hold the power button to force the power down which worked, but when i turned it back on, the screen remained blank while the computer ran.

Is there a way i can reset my bios without actually having to access anything on my computer by using my screen because its just running blank right now. Let me know if more information is needed

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. sounds like the process has messed up, and you have bricked the board. @BIOS is (from my experience) not a reliable way of updating the BIOS.

    certainly sounds like a bad flash and a bricked board though, so you may need to get a hold of a floppy and do it the old fashioned way. though i'm not entirely sure you can fix it that way any more.
  2. I made the fatal mistake of updating my bios with @bios without reading up on it. All i had to do was read the official gigabyte forum info post to figure out that @bios would brick my board. Im going through the process of contacting gigabyte to hopefully get a replacement because honestly if they know this is happening, they should replace it with no problem. If i cant get a replacement, what do you recommend as a new board that goes well with my current system specs? Im looking also to eventually go to windows 7
  3. gigabyte are generally very good when it comes to warranty and customer service. you should be okay, but not guaranteed.
  4. Thanks for your help
  5. Did you try resetting the BIOS?
  6. How do i do that?
  7. TRy resetting the CNOS by shorting the jumper and\or removing the CMOS battery -- I believe most Gagabyte MOBOs have a Dual BIOS that will reset itself if something goes wrong during a flash operation so it may recover that way. (Though @bios can sometimes mess that up - which is why it is suggested not to use that method !)
  8. try removing the battery form the mobo, and leave it out for a couple of minutes - this well reset all the settings. this might help. otherwise there is another way of flash the bios - from another computer load the bios that was working and you can flash it without loading an OS, forget the name but it is one of the options from the boot screen (the 'end' key maybe?)
  9. sorry: ....load onto a usb...
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