Good mid range card?

Could you guys suggest a good mid range graphics card $150-180 ish. Must have dual monitor support.

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  1. 5750 or 5770.
    For what? game? or just video editing, etc? Resolution?
  2. ^+1 for that price range. (might change depending on what you answer to the following)

    We have to have more info on your system specs, res, what you are using this for, etc.
  3. 5750 or 5770 would be great for multi monitor...
  4. Just a comment, the 5750/5770 are mid range gaming cards. Not mainstream cards. If you are looking for a mainstream card and are NOT gaming, you do not have to spend $150-$180 on a card. $50-$100 is sufficient.
  5. ATI 4850 for $99, ATI 4890 for ~$150. Until ATI 5850 prices drop, I can't recommend other cards...
  6. I'd go for the GTX260 bang on your budgetor even a 1gb 4870
  7. @ Dansak001: Installing a $180 gaming card is a waste of your money if you only need to use the system for Excel/Office or watching even Blu-ray movies: A $60 HD4650 will be more than enough, even with dual monitors for those uses.
    So we really need to know: The monitor resolution/s and the system use/s before we can give any meaningful advice.
  8. OK, thanks guys.

    It would mainly be for work, watching video and some gaming but not the superfast action type ones although I would like to be able to play them at times but they could run medium paced..

    The other thing I noticed in the manual is that is says the Graphics slot has a max of 150Watts (PCI-E x16)

    My current card is NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450 which gives me 3D business and gaming rating of 5.1

    Windows 7 Professional (build 7600)
    Install Language: English (United States)
    System Locale: English (United States) Dell Inc. Precision WorkStation 380
    System Service Tag: H0CQBB1 (support for this PC)
    Chassis Serial Number: H0CQBB1
    Enclosure Type: Tower
    Processor a Main Circuit Board b
    2.80 gigahertz Intel Pentium D
    16 kilobyte primary memory cache
    2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache
    64-bit ready
    Multi-core (2 total)
    Not hyper-threaded Board: Dell Inc. 0CJ774
    Serial Number: ..CN7082165OI10E.
    Bus Clock: 800 megahertz
    BIOS: Dell Inc. A09 01/08/2007

    Thanks Guys..

    As an aside, does anybody know if above processor can be replaced by faster one, using the same slot?
  9. ATI 4870 and Nvidia Geforce 9800GT costs here about 290$
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