Hdd full format kardi restart hua purani windows start ho gayi

I Deleted all the Drives of my Computer and Reiunstalled the Window.. When after copying the files computer restarted old windows booted again..............

Please Help Me
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  1. how did you install and Deleted all the Drives?
    Did you boot from cd (change boot order in bios) and format at the setup?
    What windows do U have and what do U want to install?
    Do you have more then one hard drive? Do U have two partitions on one hard drive?

    what you may have done:
    - tried from inside Windows
    - booted from cd, just installed over your current system and got messed up with the older one,
    - booted from cd, installed on another partition or hard drive and by default it starts the old one.
    -and by old windows, u mean just the Windows (clean) or U still have your files, programs on the partition that should have been deleted?

    Check you hard drive(s) if there is an actual installation, somewhere else then the usual.

    many questions, I know... sorry, but i have to.

    See here clean install step by step:

    If that isn't helping and it is a formating or partition problem, I'll write how to format/partition from recovery console, later.

  3. I'm still confused , when U say "old windows" u mean another OS, like Vista, Win 98, or do you mean another Windows XP installation ?
    Did U get any weird error messages?

    Ok, look at this tutorial. See if U did it like this:
    http://pcsupport.about.com/od/oper [...] ean1_2.htm

    or try it again step by step.

    Like I said, the fact that the old windows show up, makes me think it didn't actually format anything and/or just installed on top of the old windows, or installed to a different partition. U can again try a clean install, or if it installed on a different partition, u can check by searching if there is another Windows folder, besides the C:\Windows.

    I did had some formating trouble way back, and I started using recovery console to format and partition in dos.
    But it's a bit harder, so first U should try the tutorial, then, if we are sure it's not working, write back and I'll guide you.

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