Hard drive rev high periodically

I know it is not my CD drive. I know it is not my fan. I know for certain that it is my hard drive that is rev high periodically. I ran virus scan (Norton) etc, but found nothing. I suspect it is the virus that is trying to run the system to the ruin. Help.
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  1. Overheating is purported to be a common cause of drive failure..
    Nowadays, a number of advanced technologies are available worldwide for data recovery purposes.
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    1. How do you know its your hard drive - really?

    Is this a desktop or laptop? Laptops will slow down the hard drive to save power. There is usually a setting in the bios to optimize for power or for performance. Performance just sets the drive to its speed all the time.

    Desktop - typically the hard rives run at their posted rpm no matter what.

    Many systems will spend a fair amount of time indexing your files for better search speed - you may hear your drive working to do that - but it should go away after awhile.

    While I will opine that Norton is crap, you could try running malwarebytes to search for a virus. If that passes then it is just the sound your system is making.

    I suppose it could be the drive beginning to go bad?
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