Need new board for a E7500 system

My old gigabyte GA945P-S3 board just turned into a brick... So now i need to get a new board. I have never had a problem with gigabyte before and i know they have a good track record, but i updated the bios for my last one with @bios ( badddd mistake)

So now i need a good new board

Intel E7500
Corsair XMS 3GB 667 Mhz
Windows XP 32bit (Hopefully im getting windows 7 soon)
EVGA 9800GT PCIe 2.0
550 watt PSU

Any recommendations?
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  1. Get a Asus P5Q Pro, nice board. I have it!
  2. Didn't know that P5Q Pro's are so expensive! I thought their prices must have gone down by now.

    Then G41 would be better. You can get them for $60.
  3. Well im a gamer and i want something that is going to last and work well with all my components. Does the quality of the motherboard really matter for that or is a GOOD board mainly something you want if your gonna be overclocking and what not
  4. So im looking at this one that i found on newegg

    Intel E7500 2.9ghz 3MB
    EVGA 9800GT
    Corsair XMS 3 GB DDR2 PC 6400
  5. I you are thinking about SLI then i think that board you selected is a nice one.

    But the problem is LGA775 wont last you very long. So why waste so much money on it. That's why.
  6. I can highly recommend the Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G, nice and stable. And a great overclocker.
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