Are these temps ok?

Hey everyone,

I am running two nvidia gtx260m discrete cards and one nvidia 9400m integrated in my Alienware m17x laptop. They are set up in hybrid sli.

The two gtx 260 run at around 40c with no load and around 50c when gaming. The 9400m runs at 56c with no load and 71 when gaming.

Are these temperatures safe?
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  1. umm, i would say it safe. But i'm not familiar with Hybrid SLi...
    So, anyone?
  2. i rate hybrid sli is a bit of a failure.. but i also think those temps are fine,, my old desktop PC had a 9600gt and in the manuel it said its safe until u hit 90 degrees
  3. the 2 gtx 260 are fine, i'm more concern about his 9400m onboard, it's 71 degree...
  4. Yeah I thought it was kinda strange that the integrated card is hotter than the discrete cards. Is anyone else familiar with integrated cards and what temps I should be seeing?
  5. Crome, was that 9600gt a discrete card?
  6. Anyone?
  7. sorry, i only saw that now.. and yess, 71 degrees for onboard chipset is extremely high, maybe, try to not use hybrid sli and see if you loose any FPS or anything, if not, i'd rather not use hybris sli
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