Oc i5-2500k on fatal1ty z68 pro gen 3

dose anybody know the optimum settings for O.Cing The i5 2500k on an asrock fatal1ty z68 pro gen 3 mobo. I want to try and get the clock multiplier to at least 48 50 if possible but i would also like to increase the blck multiplier however i am unsure on voltages dose any body have experience with the same or a similar combo of mobo and cpu, also my cpu cooler is an Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 Limited Edition CPU Cooler if that makes any difference
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  1. When overclocking there is something that you have to remember and that is that each and every cpu is different and even if cut from the same silicon wafer the cpus will overclock differently and you will reach a different clock then the next person even though you both have the same model. Knowing the voltages and settings is not going to change anything because you can't just go into the bios and set the BCLK and multiplier and voltages to a certian value because someone told you that you can get to a certian speed with those settings. You have to take it step by step and see what you end up with when you can't go any further. Someone else getting thier overclock higher doesn't mean that when your cpu says stop you should be going higher because this other person got thier cpu higher. It doesn't work that way.
    There are stickys at the top of this forum that will give you step by step instruction of how to overclock your i5-2500k. The motherboard will only come into play with the amount of options that are available , so the better the board the more the options.
  2. i am aware that all cpu's are different in relation to overclocking im just looking for some guidelines outlining what and what not to tweak in regards to voltage's and multipliers specific to my mobo and cooler
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    Well then those stickys that I linked for you should give you what you need.
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  5. inzone said:
    Well then those stickys that I linked for you should give you what you need.

    thanx 4 all the help inzone much appreicated i think i will have a blue pill now goodnight. ps do u no anything about running virtu mvp on z68 chip sets
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