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  1. Another link with some quick notes in English:

    WOW, it looks like they have their own PCB and everything for this. Getting to 1GHZ takes some volt mods and nice cooling. I wonder what they will charge for this guy? I bet more than just $20 or $40. I had my 5870 to 950MHz and did not see a monster difference, but I guess I didn't really test it enough for a good comparison. I think I gained 800 points in vantage, which who cares, but Dirty2 didnt benefit much, and that is probably the most demanding game I play right now. L4D2 and MW2 are cake.
  2. What was the memory settings?
  3. On my card? 1300, which would be x4 = 5200
  4. Well, theyre claiming ocees on top of 1Ghz, looks interesting. But Im thinking we need that faster GDDR5
  5. Yeah i dunno I know the 5850 seems to OC to the 5870 speed without a hitch, and give all but 5870 performance. But it seems the 5870, even with a 100 GPU oc doesnt give THAT much.
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