Crysis warhead with 2 4870x's

couple of questions..
brief background..

got a alienware system back in july as a gift. got it loaded..core i7950, 6 gig ram, and the two 4870x2's with 2 gig ddr5 each (I think)
soundblaster xi-fi ..

recently upgraded monitor as I realized my original lcd 22" 1900x1020 res was not doing my any justice with my graphics cards..
upgraded to a 23" 2048x1152 max res lcd a week ago..

running win 7.

some games play great..borderlands on all max settings gets easily 50 fps at max res..
bioshock, batman,fear 2, l4d2, section 8.... seems anything that runs the unreal engine runs really well..

I beat crysis back in the summer and have played it on and off since then...not consistently though..
i run crysis today and notice two things..
1) the max resolution crysis sees is 1920x1080, not my 2048x1152.
2) I get a max fps on crysis warhead of up to 50-60 at some points only to have it drop to under 11 and at times pause completely..for a second only to resume..

fans are turned up high, heat is at a reasonable temp..drivers are up to date..any ideas as to why the HUGE drop in fps and why it doesnt see my max res?

why does the fps drop to the point where it just pauses in the middle of gameplay?
I understand a fluctation in fps is going to happen depending on whats going on in the screen, but should I notice the drop because at times, more often than not, it is very apparent...

any ideas would be MUCH appreciated..thanks
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  1. I don't know if this would help, but it is not bad to run some benchmarks and compare it to people who have similar configurations. If your results seem to be on par, It must be something other then the hardware, but if they are really low then you might have some major hardware problems.
  2. Well, as far as the resolution, I know that 2048x1152 is a bit of an uncommon resolution so some games may not support it properly. Also, you got the system back in July so I assume that it was then running Vista. You now upgraded to Win7 so your test environment is different. For one you should try using Patch 1.2. If you already have that then perhaps it is a driver issue. Also, you may have simply acquired a number of background services since your last clean install which would slow down a demanding game like Crysis.
  3. 1st- upgrade crysis to latest patch & the video cards too.
    2nde we are talking about crysis here, dual GTX295 give max 30 FPS avg. try downloading FRAPS (gives performance hit) or go to the program files/electronicarts/crysis/crysis warhead/bin32 or bin64 & click on benchmark GPU to check your gpu performance.
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