Overclock faliure reported but haven't overclocked

i'm still new to computer building and i have my built my computer for the first time. i've had it working to a certain degree for about 3-4 weeks. yesterday i got an overclock faliure notice when i booted my computer when i haven't touched those settings. this the 3rd time its happenend and it is bothering me. if anyone knows how to get that to stop it would be very helpful.


antec 620 kuhler
asus z77 sabertooth
16gb corsair vengeance ram
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  1. If you have not overclocked or made any changes to the bios settings then you can go into the bios and selet the best known performance settings and save and exit. Each bios can be different so if it doesn't say exactly what I posted then find what is similar or you can simply reset the bios.
  2. no i don't want to overclock yet and sometimes i boot up and it says overclocking failed.
  3. +1@ inzone

    Emperor Piehead just unplug the power from PSU-->pull the CMOS battery for 5 minutes--->reinstall battery--->plug the power back in-->power-on--->go into BIOS--->set the time and date--->press F10 to save-->press enter--->boot-up as normal.
  4. I'm no telling you to overclock I'm telling you to reset the bios to factory default so the bios isn't confused and think it;s being overclocked.
  5. it is at factory standard ill i have really done in bios is sata config. But it is still like today i got that notification of fail to overclock.
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