6GB installed 5GB visible 2GB usable ? :(

Hello all, im new here and my english its not so good,so sry in advance.
I try to find some solution for my problem with amount of ram.
I have a brand new rig for a 2 weeks. I build it by my self as last 10 year before with no problems.

i7-920@4011MHz@Noctua NH-U12P
Gigabyte GA-X58-UD3R (rev.2)
3x2GB DDR3 1600MHz Zeppelin gold
SSD 64GB HDD for OS and install
WD 320GB HDD for rest
Seasonic 750W
Windows 7 64bit.

1.Question is, whys i have only 2GB usable?
Why CPU-Z shows only 5124MB ? 1x1024MB and 2x 2048MB?
Why is 3074MB reserved hardware?

2. Bios shows: DIMM SLOT shows occupied 1,3,5 slot, thats correct, but slot number 1 shows only 1024MB
Enabled slot shows only slot number 2 as enabled ??? But there is nothing !! :)
Total Memory size shows 2048MB in slot number 1 ???? WTF?
check the screens.

What i try. I try to swap memory stick in each slot-notning.
Checking the boot up memory amount in msconfig-no change if i write it there or leave it. If i put there any amount then ok its always shows only 1024MB.
Run all sticks in memtest-all passed no error.

The pc is OCed and stable for 24hours in Prime95 blend and large FFT tests.

Any help here?
thx for any helpful reply

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  1. Read the i3/i5/i7 'Missing' Memory topic, two-thirds of the way down the GIGABYTE 'sticky'...
  2. OK, only think i dont try yet.. ill try on weekend and giva a note...
  3. Another question is, what program i should use to flash bios?, i read, that @BIOS is dangerous, so what should i use?
  4. Comprehesive BIOS flashing instructions here...
  5. Never flash from within Windows. Its a rule, period.
  6. yesterday i wont to try to put my processor out and check the sticky in board, so i restart and go to bios and what i see, there was all 5gB detected by the bios ??!!!??!! so i restart a be happy until evening, where i restart again because of some installation, then i saw the problem again....5GB installed and only 2GB usable...what should be this??..looks like if its in cold state it will detect normaly all 5GB, but if i restarted after few hours of work, it detect again wrong amount....in wrong channel :) ??!!?? could be the problem in stickies??...or what shoul di try?..
  7. yestarday i put my cooler down form cpu and check the pins and notning wrong,i put all back and after boot still the same issue 5GB and 2 usable.
    SO i turn it off and go sleep. This morning i turn PC on a and got 5GB and 3GB usable. What should i do ? i donrt wanna RMA because of waiting to my seller, and i cannot be without PC over a week :(
  8. There is only one software procedure I know of that has any bearing on memory, and it seldom does anything, as the problem is almost always bent socket pins. However, try this:

    Type 'msconfig' into you search bar (no quotes), and press enter. Select the 'Boot' tab, and click the "Advanced options...' button. Check the 'Maximum memory:' box, and scroll the control beneath to your correct amount of memory. Click on 'OK' to get back to the original screen, click on 'Apply' to register the changes, and reboot. If that doesn't fix it, odds are still 19 in 20 that you have a bent pin.

    When you looked at the socket, did you actually follow the procedure, and use a good flashlight, and a strong magnifying glass? These things are very hard to spot, very easy to glance over, and the most minute distortion or misalignment can be a serious problem...
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