Silicon Image SATA RAID 3114 driver for windows 7 64 bits

I am really desperate for the drivers for this raid card, because without them windows won't find my HDs. Thank you for the help.
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  1. Don't the drivers available from Silicon Image work?
  2. No they do not. I am having the same issue with Windows 7 64bit and the Silicon Image Si3114 Serial ATA controller card. In device manager it shows up as AWVYB2WL IDE controller instead of the Silicon Image controller. I tried to upgrade the drivers by right clicking on the device, select Update Driver, choose the folder location where I have downloaded the Silicon Image 3114 SATA driver, it warns me that it might not be the right driver, click yes and I am told I have to reboot. After reboot, device manager is still showing AWVYB2WL IDE controller and my drives are not showing up.

    Even more interesting, I googled AWVYB2WL and nothing comes up at all. Microsoft seems to know what AWVYB2WL is - I wish they would let the rest of us know :)

    Any ideas?
  3. How old is your motherboard?

    Edit: Did you read the comments on this page?
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