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does anyone actually know the fps you get with this card at 1080p ultra for games like bf3,dayz,crysis1? i see all these charts but none that really say the res. it would be paired with a 2500k and 8gb 1866 ram
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  1. what charts are you looking at. Almost all charts will say resolution. on anandtech, its on the left side of the page, toms has it at the top of each box, tpu has it color coded etc

    I also do not recommend a 7770 for ultra. bf3 wise, it doesnt even pass Ea's official recommendation which is gtx 560/HD6950
  2. I would consider getting some a little better then a AMD 7770ghz maybe get a GTX 560ti or AMD 6950!
  3. i don't have the money for those cards..
  4. how much do you have?
  5. 130 for my videocard
  6. pre or post rebates?

    edit: regardless, dont expect ultra with all settings at these heavy games at this price point. wishful thinking as it would make all cards over 200$+ pointless if something in the 1xx$ area could do it.
  7. pre rebates, i dont need to play on ultra was just wondering if it would while still being at 1080p and above 60 fps
  8. depending on the game and with settings not at ultra, its possible. exact fps, I cant really give a direct number. as I dont own the card in question.
  9. Well the card is an entry level card, so don't expect 60 frames on Ultra BF3. Most likely you could manage maybe high on 1680x1050. Don't let the GHz Edition confuse you into thinking that its a high end card.
  10. If you're near a frys you can get a 6870 for real cheap.
  11. with the money it would cost me to go to the closest one it would make it not worth going, im already making a nice trip to a microcenter for my 2500k lol
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