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So i have an HP A6300t that recently broke.

Out of the blue, when i turn the computer on, my monitor doesn't detect any VGA inputs.

I switched three different blue vga wires, but they all act the same. I double checked if my hard drive was working, it was.

Anyone know how to fix this problem? could it possibly be the motherboard?

I don't remember, but i was able to get the screen to show up a few days ago, i tried booting from a windows CD but all it came out was a black screen after i "press any key to continue"
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  1. my advice is to try your screen and/or computer with another screen and/or computer just to narrow down the possibilities. or first you could check the drivers to see if that item is working correctly. you may need to update the drivers if you tryed to boot your computer from a disk. you might need to put in the drivers disk. but im guessing that its either the video card or the screen.
  2. the same thing happened to me and i think it is the video card. I opened up my pc and i can't find, it is not visible. Can you tell me what it looks like?
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