Boot dos from a slave drive

How can I boot MS-DOS 5.0 that has been installed on a slave drive in a primary partition?
The drive is an ATA IDE drive.

I usually boot Windows 95 using the IDE Master drive. The slave hard drive is on the same IDE channel...the primary.

I want the capability to boot into MS-DOS 5.0 using the slave drive.

Can I do this? How? My slave is jumpered as slave and my master is jumpered as Master.
They are both seen OK by the BIOS.
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  1. Can't you change the BIOS configuration to boot from the slave drive?
  2. If you can't set the option in the BIOS to boot from the drive with MSDOS on, then you can disable the Windows 95 drive in the BIOS by telling it that the Windows 95 drive is not fitted. The computer should then boot from the MSDOS hard drive.
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