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I currently have an Ethernet connection in my apartment. It is currently going straight into my desktop computer. I have just recently acquired an IBM Thinkpad T 40 with Blue Tooth. I would like to set up a wireless access point in my apartment. I have a couple questions.

What is a good router that will allow me to set up my wireless access point?

Both computers have windows XP pro. How hard will it be to connect the labtop to the wireless access point?

Thank you for all your help in advance

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  1. A wireless router is an Access Point. It is a NAT router with an Access Point integrated into it. Your post is not clear. Do you already have the AP? Also, the bluetooth will be of no use for 802.11a, b or g wireless LAN's. I suppose there may be a bluetooth AP out there though I've never seen any and since bluetooth is PAN technology (personal area network), and short distance limited you would only be able to use wireless clients within the same room, assuming there is in fact bluetooth AP's. Also, this isn't clear " currently have an Ethernet connection in my apartment." Ethernet connection to what? You have a broadband internet connection? Just saying you have an ethernet connection doesn't make much sense. You might mean you have an ethernet LAN already setup. For instance, you have multiple PC's using a hub or switch for connectivity. Hard to tell from your post. The other questions sort of hinge on your clarifying your situation. Many people here can help out but we'd need to know what your tryint to do and as written we don't. At least I do not. Perhaps others might decypher it better.
  2. I do not have any experiance dealing with wireless or any other type of networks. In fact this is not exactly for me. My parents have recently moved to Denmark and would like to set up a wireless internet connection in thier apartment. From some preliminary research I have made the wireless card in my dads labtop is an Intel PRO/Wireless Network Connection 802.11b (this on the low and medium models) or an IBM 11a/b/g Wi-Fi wireless. He says he can access the internet at Starbucks and airports if that helps narrow down which wireless card he has.

    Also the only information I have about thier broadband connection is that a 10/100 ethernet cord is plugged into the desktop computer. My father says it is an ADSL connection but since I am not there I can not confirm this for a fact.

    I know that he has bluetooth on his computer so i felt that it might have some relevence for a wireless connection. Obiviously it does not.

    My father is flying in from Denmark on August 12th and leaves August 15th he would like to have me buy the router by then.

    I hope this clarified some information if not please ask more questions. There is a 7 hour time diference between Denmark and America so the chances I have to talk to him are limited.

    Thank again for the help

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  3. I am looking at the following wireless router:

    Nothing beats a naked midget
  4. If he's taking back to denmark that might be a small problem. Europes radio regulations are different than the US. Same spectrum. Europe usually gets a few more channels. Probably shouldn't matter. 802.11b or g is 802.11b or g. Technology is the same. Anyway, the link you posted would do nicely, regardless of if his wireless card is b or g. You will need to confirm his dsl modem has an ethernet interface, which is seems to have based on what you've said so far. The router your looking at will do fine.
  5. take a look at these belkin products
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