Nice W/c case

Ok, I need to find the money for one of these Babies,
Unless they give me one to mod I don't think I can persuade the other half I 'need' one though :P
Throw in as many rads as you like and bolt a couple on top just for kicks, or use the top compartment to feed a peltier for some Sub ambient games...
and anyone complaining about cable management can see me after class :P
Mod on brothers, Mod on :)

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  1. Almost pulled the trigger on a case very, very, similar to that one, I was planning on incorporating my peltier setup inside the case, but with all the room I just couldn't come to solid conclusions it would fit.

    But man could you ever cram some traditional water cooling inside those bad boys!
  2. I believe that is actually the same case :)
    And I seriously do want one :)
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