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A disk read error has occured press alt ctrl del to restart(New HD)

I've been trying to fix my brother's computer for several months now. This problem comes and goes as it pleases. Right when we think it's fixed, it comes right back. At first the computer was freezing and locking up and becoming completely unresponsive, then when restarted would pop up with an error message before the loading screen saying "A Disk Read Error Has Occured Press alt, ctrl, del to restart". And when you restart it goes back to the same error message.

I have made sure everything is plugged in and connected well on the inside, I have replaced the hard drive, tested each stick of ram, and reformatted several times. This happens on XP and Vista. We cannot figure it out and it's frustrating because right when we think it's fixed it comes back after a couple of weeks. The only thing on the computer is a game or two, updates, and some misc programs. We've tried using Windows start up repair on the Vista disc and it says it can't repair it automatically and asks to send an error report.

If you need more info please let me know
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  1. What sort of disk is it? SSD? I would RMA
  2. to do a disc repair with the install disc select it the second time around, not the first. just like doing a new install but select the second repair.

    all drives are seated correctly ? ( cables )

    did you disable the floppy drive. if not do it in both places.
  3. HDD I believe. I don't think it is the drive as it happened on the old HD too. Unless my computer is somehow frying the drives i put in it then a new drive probably wouldnt help anyway. Also remembered that when we goto The boot sequence after post it will sometimes not detect the hard drive. This is a Sata drive also.
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    you replaced the HDD already, that leads me to believe the problem resides with the mobo connection, the cable itself or the controller on the mobo. Try replacing the cable(s) to that HDD to begin with, make sure both the data and the power cables are well secured in place both on the mobo and at HDD's end. You could try to switch to a different power connector from the PSU, as well (if that particular "line" from the PSU is defective, switching it could solve the problem). Please report back after you've done these maneuvers to continue troubleshooting.
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